11 baisių priežasčių, kodėl niekada neturėtumėte niekada dėvėti flomasterių

Plaukiojančios kelnaitės yra tinkamos, norint pereiti paplūdimį, tačiau niekada neturėtumėte jų pasidaryti kaip vasarinius batus.

Galėtum patempti kulkšnis

Those rubber flip-flops you picked up for cheap are fine for the beach, but you won’t want to wear them all day. They have virtually no arch support, which means your feet will start to turn toward the middle of your body instead of staying straight. When that happens, you’re more likely to sprain your ankle, says Eunice Ramsey-Parker, DPM, MPH, associate professor of podiatric medicine and clinic administrator of the Foot Center of New York. They won’t trip over anything, but because they don’t have support, they twist their ankle in or out