7 Žmonių, kurie niekada neatrodė, kad juos supurtė, gyvenimo paslaptys

Mes visi turėjome dienų, kai jūs negalite to išlaikyti kartu, bet kodėl kai kuriems žmonėms atrodo, kad jie būna šaunūs ir renkami, nesvarbu, koks jų kelias? Čia yra jų išbandyta technika.

Ramūs žmonės eina į laimingą vietą galvoje

The project is due, but something has gone wrong. Your child’s ‘tude has been especially sassy today. Or maybe the grocery store clerk is just moving too. Darn. Slowly. No matter what the trigger for your stress is, Columbia University clinical psychologist Laura Markham, PhD, recommends summoning a memory that makes you feel calm, secure, and happy. This visualization technique allows stress and tension levels to drop immediately, and any pain you’re feeling in the moment to lessen so that you can stay calm and relaxed. The more you use this technique, the less stressed you’ll get. As you practice thinking about your happy place again and again, unprocessed memory is now linked to the happy place