9 skaniai saldi vasara gydo net diabetikai

Protingai pasirinkdami, net ir 1 ir 2 tipo cukriniu diabetu sergantys žmonės gali mėgautis vasaros saldumynais.

Naminis šaldytas jogurtas

The best part of a froyo cup is usually the sweet toppings like crushed cookies, gummy worms, or chopped candy bars you can pile on top. Unfortunately, they add more than a fun twist to dessert—extra calories, carbs, fat, and sugar can quickly add up to unhealthy levels, especially for people with diabetes who need to be critically mindful of what they’re putting in their body in order to keep blood glucose levels in a safe range. People with diabetes can still enjoy a sweet treat on occasion when their blood sugar levels are well controlled. Try to keep portions small and limited to 15 to 30 grams of carbohydrate per serving