Negaliu padaryti Pull-Up? Šis lengvų treniruočių planas pagaliau jus pateks

Laikas padaryti įspūdį visiems savo draugams.

geriausias būdas greitai atsikratyti toenail grybelio

„Pull-up“ atrodo toks pagrindinis judesys, tačiau kai kam net smagiai pakelti smakrą virš juostos atrodo neįmanoma. Ką duoda?

You might assume strong arms are all it takes to complete a successful pull-up, but the movement is much more complicated. When you’re hoisting your whole body up, you’ll also need a strong back, butt, core, and more. Without a strong core, for instance, bad form will make it even harder to work against gravity. You’re creating even more resistance than you would be if you were in a good vertical position where your legs, hips, and feet were all in alignment